Ways to preserve Your Electronic Cigarette

4After utilizing your Electronic health cigarette for awhile you could realize that the total amount of vapor that it produces will end up less, the cause of this really is as time passes the Atomizer gets clogged up with residue from the liquid. But there are certainly a number of items that you certainly can do to correct or prevent this from happening.

Special Note If you prefer your electronic cigarettes to last provided that possible approach it the manner in which you would treat your entire electronics, keep it clean & dry constantly and only charge the battery if it is completely flat.

-          Prevent liquid from gathering within the atomizer by leaving it inverted on a paper towel each night before going to bed; you ought to see liquid on the paper towel whenever you get up each morning.

-          Rinse your atomizer under warm running water while holding it with a tweezers for 2 minutes and leave it to dry over night on a paper towel.

-          Avoid using a lot of liquid on the atomizer, more liquid won’t produce more smoke it’s going to just damage your electronic health cigarette.

There might be certain electronic cigarette stores available which could say this will break your atomizer, these people possess a poor understanding how exactly an atomizer works plus it could be ill-advised to be controlled by any advice they may have, we now have tested this process countless times with various types of liquid plus it works great. It has nothing at all to do with the kind of liquid getting used. Be sure that you allow it to dry over night”.

Keep in mind that when you rinsed your atomizer it could take as much as 40 drags before it’s going to function precisely again, the reason being the wick needs to absorb the liquid again. Keep the part that connects to the battery dry because if any liquid gets to the battery it’s going to cause the pressure switch to malfunction and certainly will void your 3 month warranty in your battery. So always clean both ends of the Battery screw connector regularly.